Why do we exist?

GREEN TIGER SAS exists to bring its contribution and expertise to help create a world where firms respect and protect their own workers, as well as their supply chain’s workers and impacted local communities.

We promote a pragmatic approach to sustainability and provide solutions based on quick-win initiatives that accelerate and facilitate the implementation of effective sustainable development strategies. GREEN TIGER SAS particularly focuses its services on supply chain sustainability to help corporations in the design of their proper due diligence framework to face the human rights regulations. It is a very complex issue to manage, and that is the reason why GREEN TIGER SAS’ expertise is extremely valuable.

Human rights in supply chains are an increasing regulatory obligation for corporations to deal with. Clients request their providers and suppliers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their human rights due diligence process.

These regulatory threats (e.g., UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights/UNGPs, the new EU Accounting Directive 2014/95/EU, UK’s Modern Slavery Act, France’s Due Diligence Law) represent incredibly huge challenges due to their complexity. Corporations recognize the significant risk of human rights abuses across their value chains, but most companies don’t know how to resolve these issues pragmatically, which exposes them to high reputational risks.

Having in place an effective human rights due diligence in its entire supply chain helps corporations run a mature and operational sustainable development strategy because of its complexity and transversal impact among the company organization and governance.