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Understanding international frameworks relevant for supply chain sustainability, as well as local legislation, corporate culture, priorities, business model, strengths and weaknesses when dealing with sustainability issues is paramount to efficiently advise corporations.

Colette 5Colette Casimir, the Founder and President of GREEN TIGER SAS, possesses this expertise, and through her experiences she learned the techniques that could be used to make corporations move ahead on these complex topics. At times, B2B companies don’t tackle this complex issue unless it is facing pressure from its clients, consumers, or investors. Now that regulations are becoming more widespread and stringent, companies don’t have the choice and must comply.

Moreover, GREEN TIGER SAS is partnering with a team of leading international legal experts and a very knowledgeable network of senior sustainability experts to bring solutions to corporations worldwide. Colette’s unique transversal expertise all across the value chain makes her contribution particularly valuable for her clients.

Colette Casimir is an Information Technology & Telecommunications Engineer with more than 30 years of experience with B2B world-leading companies in project management and engineering (Sema Group, SchmumbergerSema, Atos, Technip). She occupied key operational positions all along the value chain in different disciplines: Project Director, Group Senior Vice President Head of Risk Management/QHSE & Information Technology, Senior Vice President Market Manager Energy & Utilities. Until October 2015, Colette Casimir was Senior Vice President, Group Head of Sustainable Development for a major  CAC 40 company. In less than three years, she succeeded to move the company to the highest rank for its sustainability performances, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI, the world’s most high-profile system of ranking sustainability), which ranked this CAC 40 company as the leader (number one) in its industry sector “Energy Equipment and Services”.

A detailed description of Colette Casimir’s experience is accessible here.

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