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Human rights in supply chains have increasingly become a regulatory obligation for corporations to deal with. Many corporations lack the expertise to face these regulatory challenges and are exposed to significant reputational risks.

GREEN TIGER SAS exists to bring its contribution and expertise to help create a world where firms respect and protect their own workers, as well as their supply chain’s workers and impacted local communities.

We provide services to help corporations in the design of their proper human rights due diligence process in their supply chain. The approach takes into account the sustainability  maturity level of the company and measures the gaps between where the company is now and where it should be.

Human rights in supply chains is a complex topic because of its extensive reach. Negative human rights impacts can occur at every level in any company supply chain. It can occur from tier one suppliers (also called direct suppliers) to several layers of suppliers and subcontractors that supply products, services and raw materials to direct suppliers.

Traditionally, human rights issues in supply chains focused on labor rights abuses, such as child labor, forced labor, trafficking, or poor work conditions. However, all human rights issues must be closely looked at, such as resettlement rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, rights to safety and security, rights to safe environmental conditions (safe and clean water, unpolluted areas). That is why the term “Supply chain sustainability ” is also used to speak about “human rights in the supply chain” because human rights are related to social responsibility, environmental protection and economic considerations.

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