• Safe working conditions are workers rights

  • Knowledge is power. Education is key.

  • Access to clean and safe water is everyone’s rights

  • Risk of accusation of forced labor is high in many countries with too permissible legislation

  • Partnering with a team of international leading legal experts and a network of senior sustainability experts

  • Collaboration among competitors in complex industries is the only realistic and pragmatic answer

About Us

Why do we exist? GREEN TIGER SAS exists to bring our contribution and expertise to help create a world where firms respect and protect their own workers, as well as their supply chain’s workers and impacted local communities.


GREEN TIGER SAS provides quick-win solutions to supply chain sustainability to help corporations in the design of their proper due diligence framework to face the human rights regulations.


GREEN TIGER SAS is partnering with a team of leading international legal experts and a very knowledgeable network of senior sustainability experts.